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  1. Yes, I don't think it's bashing for the sake of it. They're primarily Apple fans and users, but accept that Apple is not perfect and, particularly in cloud / web, they have issues they need to resolve. I like that it's a critical look at the company - there's plenty of fan-podcasts out there.
  2. They're very similar in style - more in-depth analysis and slightly wandering commentary than news. That's maybe why they're my favourite podcasts!
  3. I like MacBreak because it's about Apple (and its competitors) and not blindly pro-Apple. I have to say, I'm using Google products more and more on my iPad and therefore the vagaries of the in-built mail client matters less to me now!
  4. TWiT and MacBreak Weekly are my favourites on the network - very insightful comment - it's great to hear much more than just the news. TWiG is a close third.
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