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  1. Code: https://github.com/beefviper/Arcade3 Simple Breakout clone using the hardware and software framework I've been writing. The hit detection is a little off. But the basic rules are there. I think I need to add some simple menu option next. And then I'll probably try a Space Invaders clone. That will actually use bitmap sprites instead of just the simple circle(), box(), line() draw type primitives I've been using.
  2. Code: http://pastebin.com/AhdnBqD9 Simple hardware/software project I did over the holidays when nothing was on. (This is what happens when I get bored.) pastebin.com - [C++] Snake for Arduino Uno with 128x64 LCD - Pastebin.com
  3. I was doing some searches on a very specific topic, and ended up finding an introductory level YouTube video of how to use the code from one of my forum posts. Pretty trippy watching someone copying your code and explaining to others how to use it.?
  4. I was playing with the API from a trading site I use and decided to share one of my project files with them. It was just a bunch of PHP wrappers for the API. But they added a section for "More Examples" and linked my forum post. I thought it was pretty cool, considering I don't usually share my code. (It's usually very specific logic and glue code for personal projects.) https://bleutrade.com/help/API
  5. I think the idea was to introduce you to the world of crypto-currencies. Which is actually quite interesting, on several different levels. Dogecoin was just a fun one to pick. They pretty much all function some way.
  6. If you'd like to play with dogecoin, you either need to buy some, or mine it. Buying costs money. Mining can be done with hardware you currently have.
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