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  1. Upgrading a Desktop machine. What benchmarks did they use ? Then the Dollars per performance increase. I seem to have missed the 'method' of calculation. The "best" upgrade is 'typically' in RAM memory. I agree with Father Ballecer, spend a little bit more and get better 'quality', instead of looking for the lowest price. What was the second best price/performance upgrade ? Thank You.
  2. I 'downloaded' PERL version 5.16, Active Perl , and I can NOT get "my" screen to match what I saw in this episode. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Thank you for this information. I will try to remember my password from a 'hint'.
  4. I was enjoying the Episode on Password Managers. I know that the CrankyHippo likes, "LastPass". My question is, "What happens if you forget your "master" password ? Is there any way to backup/recover a lost "master" password? Maybe through a series of unique questions...(I remember when 'retail' banks use to ask me for my "...mother's maiden name..." ) What happen to this level of security ? ( Gone by the way, of $ 0.25 per gallon for gasoline....grin...)
  5. I am glad to hear that this was just-for-fun. I enjoy your show.
  6. I just finished watching Episode # 94. The 'Father" seems to have missed the point of Pinewood Derby races. These races are for "6-10 year old boys". I have volunteered for over 20 years as an "Official" Boy Scout leader and I know that it is hard for the little boys, parents, (especially Fathers, Dads, Uncles, and Grandfathers) to get caught up in the thrill of VICTORY ! Did anyone record the facial expression of the second and third place children when they found out they lost to a Jesuit Priest ?
  7. Wake-on-Lan Power settings... I would like to know how to Wake-on-Lan my PC using my Apple Mac. I am running Windows 8.x on the PC, and OS 10.x on the Apple Mac. Thanks in advance.
  8. I just watched KH #92. At the end did , Cranky_Hippo just break the Lens on the camera filming this show ? If the next show is delayed, I can figure out what just happened. Please tell Leo Laporte that he can take the cost of the repair out of his next 3 pay checks. Keep up the GREAT work. Please lets not break anything....grin...
  9. OK, I would like to 'thank' everyone for the "tips" for a 'newbee'. ( ?sp) I downloaded the Python program for the Mac Os. Now, when i "run" the Python "package". I get a window that says that it can NOT run this program. (What ?....) Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  10. I have been enjoying your episodes on Python". I have been learning, and thinking about writing my first python files. I now have a 'question'... If notice that the screen-shots are from a "Windows-based" computer. (Notepad, start menu, icons) I thought I heard that if I am using an Apple-Mac type computer, that the python program is already running if I am using OS 10.X, or higher. How do I get the same screen shots on an Apple Mac computer ?
  11. If you have all of these "electronic" Raspberry Pi's in the dining room. What are you eating in ?...grin...
  12. I just finished watching the Episode on using the Raspberry Pi to track the International Space Station. This episode inspired me to get mine working so that I can learn more, and inspire other young student into Science and Math programs in my local community. Middle School Math= a2+b2=c2 is the Pythagorean thermo. Shannon, YOU don't remember learning this ? (...Maybe because you have a wedding to plan, and the last thing on your mind now is Geometric, and Algebraic Equations...) I like your shows...keep up the good work.
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