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    Donation Information


    Why Donate?

    This site will not have many costs to keep the lights on - but we do have some running expenses that we would appreciate any help that you can provide.

    All donations are optional so please do not donate if you can't afford to - we'd much rather have happy members than donations.

    Our yearly running costs include the following

    • domain name
    • forum software renewal
    • SSL cert
    • hosting

    I will personally take care of any shortcomings for as long as I am willing and able but any help from the KITAs would be most appreciated.

    Donation Explanation

    In order to qualify as a supporter member and receive the benefits that it offers, you will have to make a donation that is at least:-

    $1.30 £1 €1.15 C$1.74 A$1.84

    The benefits of being in the supporter member group will last 1 year from the day you made your donation as a regular member. 

    After this time period, you will go back to being a regular member but are welcome to donate once more to support the community for the next year and be promoted to a supporter member again.

    If you make a donation that is smaller than the above values you will NOT be promoted to a supporter member.  You can, however, top up with another donation to reach or exceed the qualifying value.

    What You Will Get?

    If you are kind enough to support this website by donating to it's running costs, you will receive these additional benefits as a small thank you.

    • supporter badge on your profile
    • elevated role name
    • double the number of messages you can create per day
    • double the number of posts per minute
    • double the number of reactions per day
    • double the time you can edit your posts
    • ability to create a custom user signature
    • warm and fuzzy feeling having supported the site and its community

    How to Donate

    Simply visit the home page of this website and click on the Donate Now button located in the right sidebar.

    What if you get more Donations than required?

    If the wonderful KITAs community were to exceed the donation goal for the year, then the excess will either pass forward to the next years costs or they will be used to cover the small setup costs.

    If this was to occur then I would update this article to be totally transparent of what was happening.

    At no point will any donations ever be used for anything other than the website.

    Edited by Cactushead

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